Here at Print-Print we often get asked about the difference between a Leaflet and a Flyer?,
So to explain this we though to produce a small video animation to answer the question.

Here’s the transcript from the video:


What’s the difference between a Leaflet and a Flyer?

Is this a bread roll, a bap or a cob?

It’s a potato are some call it a spud.

Is it a cake or a bun?

A round of toast, or a slice of toast?

We used to listen to the wireless, now its the radio, or is it the stereo?

A sandwich, sarnie or is it a buttie?

Hamburger or beefburger?

The answer in short is, there is no difference. Leaflet printing and flyer printing are the same.


We hope this has answered your question they are the same thing – just different terminology. If you are in need of any printed Leaflets and Flyers then please click here to see our products.

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