The mere fact that it is possible for me to say, “Get this right and your promotions will work” raises a lot of questions. One of these questions is, “if it is that easy, why isn’t everyone following this instruction?” The answer that I would give is that most people would rather not follow the rules because they think about their products when they are beginning to plan their campaigns instead of focusing on the four factors. The simple fact is, when advertising you need to focus on the advertising – not on the product or service that you are advertising. To begin with, you need the right message. The message should grab attention, the keep the reader reading, it should generate interest and excitement.

The second normally involve choosing the medium that is right. Albeit printed leaflets, a poster or even a printed brochure. When we ask why they have chosen this particular printed literature as opposed to other available mediums they often don’t have an answer. The medium needs closely relates to the message. Different mediums are used for different messages. You need to put across the right message in the right medium in order to gain from the product. You wouldn’t put sales figures for an annual report onto a poster; likewise you wouldn’t advertise a nightclub theme night using a 12 page booklet. Choosing the right size and format for your printed promotion is not rocket science, but choosing the wrong format will either make or break your marketing push.

The third approach, which normally involves the market, should ensure that the right audience is targeted. If you are selling to companies you need to talk to the right people in those companies. If you are selling to consumers you need to interact with the right consumers. You need to be clear who you want to reach. There are three things you need: the right message, the right medium, and the right market. The last factor that affects direct marketing is the right psychology.

It is quite possible to write a brilliant sales piece, choose the right medium and to send it to the right people – but still have no sales. This is because of the way you set out your letter, email, brochure, web page or blog. This will have a huge impact on how many people read and respond to it.

This psychological issue is bit hard but it can be understood. For instance, if you write a sales letter and start with a large headline that covers a quarter of the page with nothing else around it to confuse the eye – your sales will then shoot up. Indeed I have come across sales copies go from no response to a certain response percentage just by having this change. So there it is.

All you need is:

  • The right message,
  • The right medium,
  • The right market and,
  • The right psychology.

Get those four things right – and you are home and dry.

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Dean Williams is a designer and business blogger working for Print-Print Limited, promoting business and building brands through quality print marketing. If you’re interested in small business promotion then please get in touch