jordans-organic-thumbNot all health foods are promoted with bright colours. Following the current trends toward healthy eating habits we are now eating more and more cereal products.

This has led designers to gravitate toward the subtitles of earthy browns and ochres to promote many ‘traditional’ products, which are much more in vogue now than they were in the past. Such colours are used not only to symbolize the natural, organic and healthy aspects of the produce but also to suggest tradition and evoke feelings of nostalgia.

Other earthy colours used in this context are dark greens, deep golds and
dark reds.

Up until the recent downturn in the economy, we had seen a surge in the demand for ‘recycled’ style printing. This used all these type of earthy colours. This has slowed down an awful lot since the trends for buying organic produce has reduced over recent months as consumers have tightened the spending, and buying organic has been less common.

This type of colouring isn’t used as much in leaflet printing these days, as leaflets tend to be more vibrant and eye catching where an ‘organic’ or ‘earthy’ coloured leaflet , would get completely lost against its more colourful peers.

pot_of_21But not all healthy companies go for dul pastels or earthy colours, checkout this ‘POT OF’ pakaging, this shows how colourts taken fomr the same side of hte spectrum as the organic set, an easily be used in a vibrat and eye-catching manor.

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