Before the arrival of the Internet, ordering printed materials was both time consuming and costly. Fortunately, the introduction of digital printing alongside all this new technology has made it simpler and much cheaper to order printed materials. These days, it is simple to produce graphics on your own computer, save them to PDF and submit […]

image resolution

If you are involved in creating the artwork that needs to be printed, then in order to help you get a better outcome you will need a new understanding the basics of the image resolution. There is nothing to worry about, as this is often based on the simple concepts. This is also not so […]

Full colour printing is achieved by a mixture of dots in order to create any colour. The percentage of CMYK colours used within this mixture then determines the colour which is printed. This technique works perfectly well until its used on thin lines or thin fonts. Lets say you want to create a grey which […]

Marketing online has gained publicity, companies hardly ever think about marketing their products and services through marketing tools like postcards, business cards, flyers, etc. But, they do not generalize that promoting the companies through best marketing vehicles are costly and need enough of time to show the results. When we talk of flyer printing company, […]

Media convergence is still a fairly new phenomenon, and one which has caught many companies by surprise  For decades industry analysts have been predicting the death of newspapers, books and print, suggesting that digital versions would render them obsolete.  Instead, advertisers and marketers have found that the tangibility of these formats remains important, providing a […]

Printing Tips: Rather than highlighting specific issues related to printing, we are offering some tips which can help you get the most out of your printing. Designing for print is as much an art as a science, so don’t feel that you should be too constricted by guidelines, but they will help you to get […]

Printed products rely on both the quality of their content and the impact of their presentation. Said impact is often responsible for attracting an audience to take a closer look at the material. Whether you are distributing promotional material, marketing leaflets or denser publications, there are a number of exciting finishing techniques which you can […]


Print advertising’s image has suffered at the hands of digital and new media, with companies migrating to the internet in search of new customers.  However print still provides numerous methods to build customer awareness; new products and techniques are proving that a successful print-based campaign still offers value and results. Memostick is a recent development […]

Advances in variable digital printing have allowed the production of printed material which is directly targets specific consumers.  This has helped to close the gap between the services offered by print and the internet.  To increase the interactive potential of printed material, many companies are now using QR (quick response) codes to develop interactive experiences […]

Advertising and marketing have always relied on getting across a strong message, in such a way that their target audience will respond positively . Developments in digital media technologies have opened up new possibilities to advertisers trying to connect with consumers.  Collaborating with these technologies creates opportunities for print based material, as part of a […]

Isn’t it strange that the company most famous for producing desktop computers with the power to create graphic design for print, may have created a product which some say is the first step to the end of printed material. Digital tablets have made significant market gains over the last couple of years, with Apple’s high-profile […]

For most companies any form of colour printing in-house for either personal or business organisations can be not only pricey but can only provide amateurish results. In particular if even duplicates are required then before you know it the ink cartridge will be run down and can cost a small fortune to replace. This frustration […]

A Close Look at your Favourite Supermarket Don’t be fooled – it’s what it says ‘your favourite supermarket’. The odds are that you are a loyal shopper at the top 4 in the UK. You have chosen to shop there and if you’re asked why, you’ll defend your decision. This means that you’re predisposed to […]

Every size you could wish for – A0, A1, A2, A3 and A4 – at the lowest possible prices! One of the earliest – and yet still one of the most effective – forms of publicity, posters give you the perfect means of getting your message across with instantaneous impact. And we honestly believe that […]

It is obvious that companies all over the world are having to reduce costs and still strive to increase sales. This is why online printers have seen a huge growth over the last couple of years. Gone are the days where designers and marketing agencies just automatically give their print work to their local printer, […]

Here are few tips to remember when designing a company brochure for the first time. About 50% of the brochure designs we see are ‘over designed’. This means that every possible piece of white space is used up, the thinking behind this is obviously to get the maximum content into a document to get ‘your […]

Christmas is a great time for giving a unique present such as a printed canvas. We at Print-Print are the experts when it comes to creating canvas wall art. And we offer you a huge range of options from which to make your decision – Simply choose your favourite photograph or image and e-mail it […]

UCR and GCR are the two industry standard black ink methods used for CMYK or full colour printing. UCR is short for Under Colour Removal. UCR separations use the K (or key colour black) ink only for neutral or near-neutral colours. This is generally the method used by most newspapers and printed magazines. The K […]