Bleed is one of the most important parts to design any attractive artwork for print.  In this regard, Professional designers are using expand background images as well as elements beyond the ends of the text by using additional 3mm or more as per the requirement. It is also avoiding unnecessary white borders and side of […]

The mere fact that it is possible for me to say, “Get this right and your promotions will work” raises a lot of questions. One of these questions is, “if it is that easy, why isn’t everyone following this instruction?” The answer that I would give is that most people would rather not follow the […]

What is the difference between a Brochure and a Booklet ? Brochure printing and booklet printing are the same thing, they are just referred to differently by different people. A sheet of A4 paper folded in half becomes a 4 page or (4pp) A5 leaflet. Multiples of this 4pp are then printed and stapled together […]

Know How to Grab Customer’s Attention towards Your Business! You wont be able to win customers in a prize draw, but it can be a bit of a lottery. Having an idea regarding how you want to be seen by your potential customers at least give you a starting point. Your company’s image is very […]

Advantages and Comparisons The growth of digital printing technology has brought with it technical advancements, options and exciting features to commercial printing. With these advancements there has also been introduction of some confusion in the market and it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of the new way of printing and compare it […]

unique selling point

USP is frequently called as one of the most misapprehended elements of a successful sales leaflet. In definition it is what makes your products different from your rivals. Here are some examples of unique selling positions for a particular product: Lowest Price – if you can make your product cheaper than your rival then do […]

In order to fully improve your sales pitch you really need to tap into, not only what you customer wants, but needs they haven’t thought of yet, here’s an example of how to discover them. Here’s an old story I learnt a long time ago whilst studying marketing. Long time ago a young man entered […]

All paper sizes can be found using ‘A’ paper sizes. This starts with an A0 sheet, used mainly for large posters, then this is divided all the way down to an A7 or in some cases an A8. To explain this lets start with an A0 size of 841mm by 1189mm,  half of this size […]

Writing an advert is easy for you to get tempted in either writing about the products or writing on the services you are selling or on the other hand the main point of selling. Either way, that still makes sense. As a matter of fact, if you actually not going to tell reader what the […]

You must have heard about QR codes? You probably have, as they are popping up everywhere! Despite how commonplace these little squares are becoming, many people don’t realise what a powerful marketing tool they can be. QR codes (or ‘Quick Response’ code) is a unique barcode, and can not only be read by QR equipped […]

Paper is usually in many forms known professionally as ‘stock’. You can only determine the best paper for your project when you know the different types of paper stock available as outlined below. Take note of the different types and the suitability of each for your project. Coated Paper This kind of paper as the […]

At some point in a company or an organisations lifetime there comes a time when it’s a good idea to test a market by printing leaflets. This maybe to test a product, service or event. Though some are known to be extremely successful, others turn out to be complete failure. So the common headache among […]

What to do and what not to do! In the present scenario, most of the people are naturally tending to decrease their business and normally the first causalities is the advertising or marketing budget. Well, successful marketing is not all about quantity because it is all about quality. In this regard, there are loads of […]

vat on printing

Rules for VAT (value added tax) on printed materials are very complicated when we talk about United Kingdom legal laws. Especially VAT on leaflets and flyers are very tricky but this does not mean that they cannot be understood. The further discussion explains the whole process in an easy way so an idea can be […]

the real cost of leaflet printing

One of our regular customers was trapped by the hidden cost of leaflet printing and cancelled his order after saying that he had a tight budget and he would look to print these at home. He further told me that he had borrowed a HP inkjet printer from his friend and now he was going to […]

booklet push-out

To give you an example of push out, grab a handful of paper, say 20 sheets of A4, then try and fold them all together – you will see that the outer pages have further to travel around where the spine would be, which makes them shorter overall compared to the other pages, or it […]

No matter what it is that you are looking to print, before you can begin the production process, you need to create some artwork. ‘Artwork’ refers to the graphic design that will form the foundation of your printed materials; from a basic text by-line to a sophisticated design complete with photographs, logos and the written […]

The phrase ‘target audience’ refers to the group of people that you or your business is looking to reach and communicate with. Any marketing expert will tell you just how important it is to identify your target audience before you even start to think about marketing strategy. Its pointless pitching your product or services to […]