organic1Colour is also used to suggest freshness, with bright blues, greens and yellows being the colours most often chosen where vitality and sparkle are associated with the product.

Obviously, where there is an association with fresh water and coolness, blue has a prominent role, as does green for the promotion of field sports and other outdoor pursuits. Fresh fruit and vegetables, which stress freshness and goodness ask for the same kind of treatment, stressing freshness and goodness.

The use of pastel colours is also much in evidence in packaging for pharmaceutical products, but the nature of some products, such as medicines, demands that they be presented in a bright, fresh, clean manner, suggesting much the same quality of health associated with eating fresh fruit and salads.

We have seen a surge in all things green over the past 2 years or so, the use of lime green and yellow for leaflet printing, I would go so far as to say its been the most common colour for flyer printing we have seen printed bar none.

It seems everyone has been at it, we even came across the biggest brand in the world – ‘Coca Cola’ having a go.

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