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Inspiring graphic design is of course, a matter of taste. There are so many different ways to approach a task, let alone the different styles and experiences of the individual designer that it should be no wonder how varied graphic design can be.

Design projects generally start with a brief that ties the artwork design into company branding, the end user, a particular event, season or promotion. As we print such a variety of work for a huge range of different purposes, we often see amazing examples of great artwork.

We recently printed these two examples from our brochure product range and felt it was well worth shouting about the excellent use of organisational branding. The two designs are very different, in their use, their audience and the resulting style. Although they were both printed the same size, they selected different binding styles for their larger page numbers to reflect the use of the finished product.

Ginger Ray are exclusive designers of special occasion party ware & decorations.
They pride themselves on following trends, creating beautiful innovative products and hopefully making celebrations a bit more special. –

Graphic Design

Their brochure is a jam packed 60 page A5 design with beautiful lifestyle images that demonstrate their extensive range of products in use. The styling, colour pallet and images all work in harmony with the products and this branding reflects the company images across their website and social channels, creating a strong image for the loyal followers.

Ginger Ray

Sam Mabley, Ginger Ray’s chief graphic designer, said “We are very excited about our new Spring/Summer 2016 collection! It makes all the hard work worth it when you see the final brochure looking so beautiful.”

The design has a very soft feminine feel, appropriate to their target audience and the use of rugged wood and shabby-chic backgrounds enhances the feel of the summer brochure.

Inspiring Graphic Design

The second design is quite the opposite in styling as the end user is from a very different demographic. The ‘brochure’ is an A5 80 page wire bound booklet with acetate cover created as a reading journal for the students at the Lincoln Carlton Academy. The design work is by Creative Hope Studios and reflects the bold, colourful styling of the academy’s website.

Graphic Design

“The Lincoln Carlton Academy is a nurturing primary school, firmly rooted in strong moral values; we are a community in which every individual can flourish. High aspirations and expectations pervade the life of the school and support the development of children with high self-esteem, self-discipline and strong community spirit.”

Lincoln Carlton Academy

Naturally, the artwork is playful and exciting to engage the younger audience that will be making use of the booklet. The colour scheme is gender neutral and the characters reflect the inclusive ethos of the school. The graphics are simple and clear, showing lots of people reading with magical stories jumping from the pages, including planes, butterflies, rocket ships and rainbows.

Inspiring Graphic Design

From these two designs it is easy to see how important graphic design is when creating artwork. It can have a huge impact on how an audience relates to a brand; in terms of the suitability the design has to the audience but also in how it fits with wider company branding.

If you have been inspired to create your own brochure or booklet, why not check out our article ’10 Tips: What should a business brochure include?’.

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