Brands are everywhere, they form an subconscious opinion in our minds as to what we think about companies and organisations, especially the larger global corporations. They are carefully designed to by teams of designers and marketers with the sole purpose of making us recognise them to the point of trusting them in order for you to buy their products or services. Along with a recognisable logo is usually a slogan.

Slogans are usually short and quirky, no more than a few words to be read quickly – yet they help to underline the company’s mission statement and accompany the logo. A good slogan is is not only remembered, but it can in fact carry the brand identity on its own. Look at the Nike logo for example, this went from the wording ‘Nike’ and its ‘swoosh’ to taking both of these away and leaving just the remaining slogan ‘just do it’, all of which are incredibly strong in their own right.

Clif Dickens creator of the blog has a hilarious jibe at the worlds biggest brands attempting to undermine their marketing message to something a little more, well honest. Here are some of his creations.




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