When you are in the market of selling houses, you need a varied approach to communicate your services to both potential sellers and buyers. Use these tips on flyer design for estate agents to create print marketing materials that allow you to reach out to potential customers on both sides of the deal.

With all of your customer touch points, it is important to have strong branding so you stand out from the competition, as your colour scheme is often more memorable than your name.

Being consistent with your image improves your chances at being recognised so tie in your website, branch signage, social channels and printed materials. This can also save on costs as any graphics or images can be reused across the range.

Estate Agent Flyer

GreenLive have used a high contrast colour scheme to ensure their message jumps off the page. However, the colours used are sympathetic to their brand identity and reflect their company logo, ensuring consistency through their marketing.

They have also used a high-resolution photograph that is not only relevant to their business and message but reflects the colour pallet of the overall design.

Estate Agent marketing

Using bold colours, Rees Page has effectively highlighted their ‘Call to Action’ with the full range of their contact options standing out from the other information on their flyer design. They have used property images to demonstrate the success they have had selling properties in the area, an encouraging message to prospective vendors.

They have used a little humour in their carton illustration to introduce the benefits of using their agency, creating a bulleted list, reducing the content presented. They are presenting a clear message in the design, highlighting the full service package they offer.

Estate Agent leaflet

Here, Winkworth estate agents have used an enticing property image that promotes the positive lifestyle of country living to encourage engagement with the advert. The image reinforces their brand positioning, using an image of a prestigious property to demonstrate their exclusivity.

Rather than present a series of functional images of properties sold to highlight their successes, the agency have selected a series of facts that represent the benefits of their business, from their historical experience to the breadth of the audience they utilise.

Winkworth remain very true to their brand style, with bold dark blue and white for a luxurious yet traditional feel. They subtle use of contact information reflects their market sector and compliments the simplicity of their design.

Flyer Design Top Tips…

1- Stay consistent with your brand, using a simple colour pallet
2- Keep text to a minimum, using lists where possible
3- Include high quality, relevant images and graphics
4- Add a call to action, highlighting your contact information

When printing your leaflets for a leaflet drop, it is important to get a heavy weight paper or card to withstand the delivery process. Lightweight paper is easily ripped or scrunched up in letterboxes if it is not handled with care. Although popping it inside a local paper can help prevent this, it is less likely to be seen and your investment could go to waste.

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