Getting a font that reflects your brand identity can be an expensive game. We reviewed our favourite 5 websites that provide free fonts. Many websites offer free fonts for personal use but there are few that offer them as free for commercial use so check the licenses before committing to a font. This is […]

A paper sizes

The table below is shows sizes and resolutions for printing documents at 300 dots per inch (dpi) which is the correct resolution needed for printing high quality. We have also included graphics to indicate the proportional difference in document of ‘A’sizes using the basis of an A4 document, right from the business card all the […]

Folding Guide

Here we will endevour to provide information dedicated to folding of leaflets and booklets, explaining the issues faced when creating artwork and the way in which you need to supply artwork files ready for folding. Folded leaflets come in many varieties, from single fold A4 to A6 greeting card. There are a number of design […]

Guide to Image Resolution

One of the most common issues when printing is resolution. If low it can make a picture look blurred or it can pixelate. The information below will hopefully explain what resolution is the terms DPI (dots per inch) or PPI (pixels per inch), and try and help you to get through this problematic issue, and […]

Guide for RGB and CMYK

This article explains the difference between the RGB and CMYK colour spectrums. With this text we hope to explain to you the reason CMYK should always be used when commercially printing your documents. While also showing you the best way to check your colour settings on the most common software. What we’ll be covering..? To […]


This article explains the importance of embedding or flattening your fonts. It also helps to explain the problems that can arise when this is not done and gives advice on how to get around this.   What can happen if fonts aren’t present?.? Chances are, when creating your document, you have used the fonts you […]

Bleed and Crop

This help guide aims to help explain what “bleed” is and why it is required, it will also help explain how you add this to your design document. This document also contains eight examples of designs minus the correct bleed area and the instructions on how to correct them. What is bleed and why is […]