Here is the transcript from the infographic. Some say it is. But some have been saying that all the while research says otherwise. Since the 1980s researchers in psychology, computer science and library & information science have confirmed the advantages of paper over reading on screen. So what do recent consumer choices say? […]


When you’re running a coffee shop, competition can be fierce. If you’re not fighting for first place on the high street, you’re fighting to become the go-to coffee shop in your local community. And if you’re not ready to really fight for it, you can’t expect to keep your seats full all week long. You’re […]

Recycled paper has long been considered as the paper of choice for eco-friendly businesses and consumers. It takes no explanation to understand the benefits to recycled paper and this can be stated to customers to demonstrate the moral fibre of an organisation. But when you dig a little deeper you find that recycled paper is […]

It is tempting, isn’t it? Just run off a few business cards or flyers on the office printer, it can be done right then and it appears to be cheap as you have already bought the paper, ink and printer. Now, if your teenager with a car washing empire, this is just fine. No one […]

If you were Cadburys Marketing Manager you would understand the importance of a true representation on your famous purple. That luxurious silky purple (even before the metallic finish) on those little bars of loveliness is instantly recognisable as a brand asset. So when you come to print a booklet for visitors to Cadbury World you […]

Buying print online

Being an online printing company we get asked all sorts of questions by customers generally regarding artwork preparation and placing orders online. Here are some of the most recent queries which seem to be quite popular. How do I get my catalogue or leaflets designed? Every job is different so there are a number of […]

Here at Print-Print we often get asked about the difference between a Leaflet and a Flyer?, So to explain this we though to produce a small video animation to answer the question. Here’s the transcript from the video: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ What’s the difference between a Leaflet and a Flyer? Is this a bread roll, a bap […]

offline printed marketing

How innovations in print media are allowing offline marketing to compete in the world of online advertising Its been less than 10 years since fast broadband swept into our homes and offices changing the way we obtain absorb and share information forever, at the time many people envisaged the downfall in printed advertising. To a […]

work life balance for working mum

One of the great things about working from home is the ability to set your own hours and fit work around family commitments, especially if you’re responsible for childcare into the bargain. Unfortunately, if you’re not careful, you can find yourself juggling too many things at once and giving none of them your full attention, […]

print media

As our love affair with the Internet continues, print media is often maligned as ‘dead tree’ media, dogged by an image as old fashioned, environmentally unsound, and ineffective. But are these impressions accurate, or is print media a victim of bad press? The truth is, between consumer awareness and pressure groups, Corporate Social responsibility programs […]

Customer Service Patrick George

Company: PatrickGeorge. Ordered: 1000 x DL 6pp (A4 folded to DL), full colour onto 170gsm gloss. Website: About the company:  PatrickGeorge is a husband-and-wife team who write, illustrate and publish picture books for children. Peter, a.k.a. Patrick George, also illustrates for a wide range of clients from Microsoft to GQ magazine. They set up […]

Tips for building business credibility

Your customers don’t buy from your business, they buy from someone they know and trust: you. As repeat customers come to know you more, their resistance falls and price sensitivity ceases to be an issue. How do you get from first contact to trusted confidant status with new customers, though? Here are our seven steps […]

digital or litho printing

There are two types of printing techniques used these days for the majority of promotional print and marketing, Digital and Offset printing. If you’re wondering which is the best choice for your print requirements, then take a look at the pros and cons of each and when you might want to use them. Digital Printing […]


Getting Letterheads Right Your letterhead says more about your business than you know. It’s your masthead, the official image of your company, its an insight into your company. Get it wrong and you look unprofessional or worse, like a rogue trader. Here are some tips to make sure your letterhead says what you want it […]

Artwork needs 3mm bleed adding

What is printing Bleed? Bleed is when a document is printed larger than is needed in order for it to be trimmed back to its original size after printing. This helps ensure that any background colours or images are printed edge to edge and avoids any unsightly white edges showing. As the sheet fed material […]

What is against the grain? All paper has a grain direction. To determine the grain direction, hold out your hand and lay on it a small sheet of square paper, see how it holds itself flat whilst draping over your hand, now turn it 90 degrees and see if the drapes less or more, this […]

spot uv

Spot UV refers to a high shiny finish added to an area of printed material, this can be noticed by a very reflective high shine it has when it catches the light. How Does it work?, How is it Done? Spot UV can make areas of your design really stand out. You need to have […]

Whenever a job is placed on a printing press it is susceptible to a slight movement. Printing presses are incredibly accurate, they have to be in order to ensure that colours are printed in the correct position, especially when printing in close register using CMYK, where any slight movement between two colours can lead to […]