Whether you’re launching your own fashion brand, selling your designs to retailers and fashion buyers – Here are 5 top tips for designing a killer lookbook. When you’re in the fashion industry, image is everything. And nothing can affect your image more than the first impression you make. Whether you’re trying to captivate customers or […]


Creating an order of service for a funeral is a lot more than just putting together an itinerary. It’s a chance to work together with your friends and family. Choosing the photos, messages and sentiments that symbolise the life of someone close to all of you, and deciding together the best way to present that […]

letterhead design

January is typically the month when many small business owners have a hard look at their branding and marketing materials and consider if they are in need of tweaking or a complete revamp. To help you we have written a series of articles to help you revitalise your brand. This, the first in the first […]


Getting a font that reflects your brand identity can be an expensive game. We reviewed our favourite 5 websites that provide free fonts. Many websites offer free fonts for personal use but there are few that offer them as free for commercial use so check the licenses before committing to a font. This is […]


When you’re starting your own business then cash-flow is going to be very tight, it’s ‘all hands to pump’ to begin with to make sure it gets off to the best possible start, doing as much of the work yourself in order to keep costs down. This includes designing and producing any marketing materials such […]


For a while a number of people where saying print is was on the way out, most seem to have realised that there will always be a place for it. People do prefer reading in print, but the use of mobile devices for Internet access is increasing at a dramatic pace. So how do we […]

Free Menu Template

There has never been greater restaurant diversity than we have now. There is a growing trend for a unique and alternative approach to food, combining influences from various cultures, being a specialist for a very small niche or creating an atmosphere for a target market. Whether the audience is shabby-chic loving mum’s looking for tea […]

If you were Cadburys Marketing Manager you would understand the importance of a true representation on your famous purple. That luxurious silky purple (even before the metallic finish) on those little bars of loveliness is instantly recognisable as a brand asset. So when you come to print a booklet for visitors to Cadbury World you […]

TOP 10 FREE STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY WEBSITES The days of high-key white backgrounds behind smiling suited office workers with their thumbs are up are numbered, thankfully. They are cheesy, overused and no longer reflect the growth in youthful lifestyle business imagery. We recently showcased a client of ours, Baa Ram Ewe, who have a beautiful style […]

A paper sizes

The table below is shows sizes and resolutions for printing documents at 300 dots per inch (dpi) which is the correct resolution needed for printing high quality. We have also included graphics to indicate the proportional difference in document of ‘A’sizes using the basis of an A4 document, right from the business card all the […]

Folding Guide

Here we will endevour to provide information dedicated to folding of leaflets and booklets, explaining the issues faced when creating artwork and the way in which you need to supply artwork files ready for folding. Folded leaflets come in many varieties, from single fold A4 to A6 greeting card. There are a number of design […]

Buying print online

Being an online printing company we get asked all sorts of questions by customers generally regarding artwork preparation and placing orders online. Here are some of the most recent queries which seem to be quite popular. How do I get my catalogue or leaflets designed? Every job is different so there are a number of […]

Taking Better Photography

There are so many pressures on a small business marketing budget that taking your own photographs is often essential rather than having any choice. With digital cameras now so affordable and more user friendly, this option is more accessible than ever for beginners and provides excellent flexibility. It is important to understand some basic principles […]

How to annoy a graphic designer

It’s not that all Graphic designers are primadonna’s, we like to be professional and conduct ourselves in a stress free environment (as much as possible anyway), especially if we are up against a deadline. We like projects to go smoothly so we can complete them to the specified deadline and that keeps us and our […]

A4 tri-fold leaflet or 6pp DL

A tri-fold leaflet you would assume indicates ‘tri’ or 3 folds, but this is not the case. This type of document only has 2 folds, but it does create 3 panels each side. So if you take an A4 sheet then fold twice down to a third A4, which gives you 3 page panels per […]

Supplying artwork to printers

Here are the 10 most important questions you need to know the answers to or at least ask the printer to ensure your design gets printed properly. 1. What file format should I supply my artwork? In some cases Jpeg files can be accepted but most professional printing companies will print from PDF files, so […]

square brochure print-print

Here are some tips to help you create a brochure which really stands out from the norm! We know there are brochure templates available for you to use, but these are not always professional enough for client work. These may have helped you learn enough to design brochures from scratch, but are you able to […]

Guide to Image Resolution

One of the most common issues when printing is resolution. If low it can make a picture look blurred or it can pixelate. The information below will hopefully explain what resolution is the terms DPI (dots per inch) or PPI (pixels per inch), and try and help you to get through this problematic issue, and […]