We had a quick pole to find out who in the office here at Print-Print was celebrating Valentines Day this year. Like marmite, there was a strong divide in opinion on the subject. We all understood one idea of Valentines Day to be about sending an anonymous declaration to someone we admired, like you do […]


The post Christmas sales frenzy has all but passed. If like me you were not queuing at 6am on Boxing Day, you may feel like the best deals are all gone. Don’t dispair; there are still bargains to be had but be prepared to hunt for them. Get your Indiana Jones hat on and investigate […]

Brutally Honest Thank You Cards 1

British people are renowned worldwide for being polite, apologising in case it was our fault when someone else bumps in to us, not answering our phone on the bus to avoid disturbing other passengers. Most people can think of a time they have been excessively polite… right? Well it is that time of year for […]

The Force Awakens after 32 years

You would need to be ‘in a galaxy far far away’ to have missed the gathering media storm for the upcoming Star Wars release, Episode VII: The Force Awakens. The film is trending across the web and social media with all the usual speculation; how the film has been shot, what the story is about, […]


In support of service families from the local Royal Air Force station, RAF Cosford, we have been working with SSAFA (Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association) to raise money and awareness of the help they offer. SSAFA has been serving the Armed Forces community for 130 years and they work in partnership with other military […]

Child's story

When you have children you cherish the milestones, their first word or step to their first day at school. Although you love every spaghetti glitter art explosion stuck up on the fridge, the mountains of creations from home, nursery and school can become overwhelming. It isn’t practical to keep all of this work but disposing […]

Small Christmas Cards

As the cold weather has hit us like a slushy snowball in the face, we are reminded of the oncoming festive season and the celebrations that ensue (and a warm cosy blanket by the fire). Are you prepared…? Do you have the Christmas party planned? Are this years decorations updated to the new colour schemes? […]

Superstitious Branding

Halloween. A time for the spooky, frightening and magical happenings to be lived out through imaginative costumes and decorations. Many of us will be celebrating this historic event, scaring off the weird creatures and evil spirits of the underworld. Nowadays there are fewer people that really believe in the ghosts and paranormal happenings the party […]

Halloween Masks

Witches, demons and ghosts are just around the corner. It’s just a few weeks till the Halloween parties kick off and we wanted to help with the celebrations by doing something creative. Our design team created this set of printable masks so you can get crafty with the little ones. They are sized for the […]


Photographers work in a variety of awkward places trying to achieve complex results, sometimes with little control over the scene in front of them. As if this wasn’t testing enough, some clients, guests or random passers-by push the patience of the most understanding professional photographer to the limit. All they really want is great images, […]

Football Team Logos in Rival Colours

There are not many countries in the World that don’t play football. Ignoring the rugby-style game played whilst wearing protective clothing and helmets the other side of the pond, Football as we know it is the biggest sport the World over. Whether you’re in South America, Europe, Africa, Asia even in the forgotten corners of […]

How to annoy a graphic designer

It’s not that all Graphic designers are primadonna’s, we like to be professional and conduct ourselves in a stress free environment (as much as possible anyway), especially if we are up against a deadline. We like projects to go smoothly so we can complete them to the specified deadline and that keeps us and our […]

Business success and new office expansion demands a more creative approach for new business networking. Print-Print are proud to announce that they have recently opened up regional sales offices in some of the UK’s biggest cities. Dean Williams marketing manager for the company said ‘Although our customer base is spread all over the UK, we […]

Here at Print-Print we often get asked about the difference between a Leaflet and a Flyer?, So to explain this we though to produce a small video animation to answer the question. Here’s the transcript from the video: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ What’s the difference between a Leaflet and a Flyer? Is this a bread roll, a bap […]

Brands are everywhere, they form an subconscious opinion in our minds as to what we think about companies and organisations, especially the larger global corporations. They are carefully designed to by teams of designers and marketers with the sole purpose of making us recognise them to the point of trusting them in order for you […]

Fed-up with stupid feedback from customers, Irish duo, graphic designers Mark Shanley and Paddy Treacy created a set of posters of their “favorite worst customer comments”. The two have worked together on the “Sharp Suits Series” with a team of other advertising creatives, designers, animators, directors, illustrators and more, this expression of creativity was an […]

odd Christmas cards

The say that Christmas is a time to relax and have fun, have fun with friends and family. But I am surprised any of these lot have got any friends left after sending Personalised Christmas Cards with these images on. What are they thinking?. Luckily for us, they are mainly American families so they we […]

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