Everyone likes to increase his or her profile by improving on their job title. But surely its time for a change, ‘Manager of this’, ‘Director of that’ — boring, boring.!! Why not give yourself a bit more oomph and create a talking point with your business cards. You can appear much more colourful character with […]

square brochure print-print

Here are some tips to help you create a brochure which really stands out from the norm! We know there are brochure templates available for you to use, but these are not always professional enough for client work. These may have helped you learn enough to design brochures from scratch, but are you able to […]

Starting a business on a shoestring? Looking for ways to stretch your small business marketing budget? Almost all small businesses face a financial challenge when they are starting out, finding a marketing budget is often at the back of the queue. The big question is how do you get the word out about your business […]

Why you must preserve the very essence of why you started business above all else. When I first started out with my own graphic design business almost 25 years ago I had little knowledge about marketing and considered branding to be all about the logo or ‘corporate ID’ as it was referred to back in […]

Through conversations with some of my business clients, I have found that most of them still don’t know about Pintrest’s potential value to their business. What is Pinterest? It is a completely free, social media site based on images and its users can create online ‘pinboards’ with themes that feature pictures and / or video […]

Good Reasons to Market a Business during the Summer Months Traditionally for print marketing and advertising, the summer months are a boringly slow time of year as many of your customers are on holiday or simply enjoying the great outdoors. However this is great time of year for taking on renovation projects, end of year […]

How to use content to influence customer thinking Now that we live in a digital world your best marketer is no longer yourself. It is now a vast community of customers, industry experts, supplier and partners who engage with your business. Who will share links, get you mentioned and instantly draw others to engage with […]

This question is one of the four fundamentals of direct marketing. Obviously, this question vanishes if you are the only supplier of a particular product. And your focus will be on the remaining three basic principles, having a product the customer wants at a price they’ll pay, grabbing attention and the question ‘Why should I […]

Direct mail

Creating An Effective Mailshot: From Concept to Completion A mailshot is as effective as its intentions are solid. If carried out with clarity, targeting, and a strong central message – a mailshot is one of the most comprehensive ways to blanket your target audience with information. But it has to be orderly and purposeful. Mailshots, […]

lord kitchener poster

Due to their sheer size, Posters have had the obvious advantage of grabbing readers attention over other printed products. Traditionally made up of graphical images, text and bright contrasting colours – posters have been used for hundreds of years to promote propaganda, demonstrations and in more recent times promote films, concerts and large public events. […]

Margot-Martini-social media

Everyone talks about the power of social media, but this is one campaign which I have witnessed first hand how not only can it reach 1000’s of people but also save lives. About 3 months ago I was contacted by a friend who’s niece has been suffering with a very rare form of leukemia. Her […]


We are in the process of a re-brand at the moment, and I have to say its not easy. For many years we have designed logos for other companies which have gone on to be very successful, so surely we do have the expertise and the creativity in the company to be able to do […]

better time management

If it was possible to change the numbers of hours in a day then most people would just need an hour or two to get things done. Hard workers would still try and cram a day and a half into one. However, we can take control of what we do with our day by better […]


My experience in the corporate world has revealed to me what it takes to make it in business. I advise that you get prepared before venturing into becoming a business owner. There are five germane characteristics that entrepreneurs must have in spades in order to be successful in business. Drive It has been proven that […]

small fishes move qicker than big fishes

Big businesses often find themselves too rigid to be flexible. They bemoan their own lack of essential vitality wondering what they could replicate from smaller, more entrepreneurial business and incorporate into their own culture. At first thought, the shopping list is negligible. After all, who would want all the hassle and grief of being an […]

building your brand

The impression you create with your brand in any given market place is usually proportionate to your turn over and the budget you can spend on marketing your brand. That’s not to say that if you had an infinite marketing budget you could build a successful company, certainly not – this would no doubt create […]


This article has been updated.. Click here: Top 10 New ideas for Coffee Shop Promotion Be Creative Originality is the mother of all invention and the quest for invention brings about creativity. Marketing pulls while sales pushes. Undoubtedly, it is almost impossible for companies running legitimate business to survive without the duo of sales and […]

people process place 2014

As the new year begins, business owners and entrepreneurs and employees look forward to the coming year and put up plans and strategies that would give their brands or business a commanding presence in the market. However, the following must be looked into as companies review their operational activities in 2013 and plans to position […]