Content marketing has become the way of the world. Companies large and small are now focusing their efforts on creating engaging material from podcasts to video tutorials. Making valuable content that’s going to attract potential customers is a time consuming affair, but the benefits far outweigh the investment. Altered Buying Behavior The Internet has become […]

Marketing Channels

For the SME, achieving marketing success can be a challenge. Striking the balance between the investment and the return can be tricky. The biggest impact comes from monitoring metrics and revising the tone of different marketing channels. But there are things you can do that are relatively cheap and effective promotional activities. The key is […]

postcard marketing

Postcards are not just for holiday messages. Small businesses can use postcard marketing to great effect, spreading a cost effective message far and wide. There are many benefits to using postcards for your business marketing campaigns, here are the top 10: 1- Instant impact Postcards don’t need opening to be read. Your recipient will see […]

Scarcity Marketing

We have all had that feeling, where you feel compelled to buy something because you’re overcome by the fear of future disappointment when it’s no longer available or you miss out on a great offer. This feeling is caused by scarcity marketing, defined as an insufficient supply of a product or a restriction on the […]


Working with agencies can be stressful, especially if you’re entrusting them with the key to your future success… your marketing. But if you brief a marketing agency right, they can bring a wealth of experience and fresh ideas to your campaigns. Helping you achieve your aims and objectives in ways you may not have thought […]

Reading power

Chances are you have seen this passage before, it has certainly done the rounds on Facebook, testament to how puzzling we find it. Most of us probably take the power of our brains for granted, after all, it is a high power processor that has always been there and continues to work away in the […]

The consistent rise of Internet sales and the options for e-marketing have caused some to discuss if print is on the way out. Recent research demonstrates that marketing is definitely changing, but that traditional marketing channels like print remain highly valuable in the marketing mix. Key to maximising the options available would be through employing […]

Taking Better Photography

There are so many pressures on a small business marketing budget that taking your own photographs is often essential rather than having any choice. With digital cameras now so affordable and more user friendly, this option is more accessible than ever for beginners and provides excellent flexibility. It is important to understand some basic principles […]


Direct mail is a form of marketing that is proven to encourage a response from consumers. By having complete control over your communication in terms of timing, targeting, and what you actually say, you can encourage consumers and businesses to interact with your business. But how do you go about creating an effective direct mail […]

blow your marketing budget

There is no doubt that the economy is improving and with this renewed optimism small businesses are increasing their marketing budgets, but the best way to getting the best return on your investment is to eliminate waste, Eg stop doing things that aren’t as successful as they used to be. There are so many companies […]

Email spam

10 factors to help your email marketing become more successful. There are several main factors which can have a bearing on whether your email marketing campaign is a success or a flop. Assuming that you can get through your recipients firewall and actually reach the person you wanted to read to your message, then you […]

marketing where do I start

Creating your own marketing campaign is not easy, with all the factors you have to consider and the effort you have to exert, especially if you are new to it. We know how tough it is to create your own campaign, especially when your on a tight budget, you have to make your marketing work […]

breakthrough marketing

The core aspect of marketing is to understand the needs of your customers’ and plan your campaign to hem in on them. After all, anyone with a business has the desire to make that business better. The best way to encourage growth and expansion within your business is to focus on organic growth. Organic growth […]

dirct mail doormat

We firmly believe that direct printed mail and door drops through letterboxes are going through a renaissance at the moment. For years this type of marketing was over-saturated it originally coined the phrase of ‘junk mail’. But what we are noticing is that because this type of advertising has been kind of de-valued over years […]

create good content

Content marketing is simply creating information relating to your brand and products which you then place on your website. This could be anything, as long as it is interesting to the reader and its associated to your industry, don’t talk about irrelevant topics such as football or the weather, save this for your personal social […]

social media

When used correctly, social media platforms can generate potential customers, brand awareness and also improve customer satisfaction. But as with all engineering marketing tactics, there are right and wrong ways to use each social media platform. Here are a few tips and techniques we’ve acquired while running social media campaigns. Choose the right platform The […]

offline printed marketing

How innovations in print media are allowing offline marketing to compete in the world of online advertising Its been less than 10 years since fast broadband swept into our homes and offices changing the way we obtain absorb and share information forever, at the time many people envisaged the downfall in printed advertising. To a […]

rolling stone boston bomber edition

Like it or not, the August 2013 issue of Rolling Stone magazine could end up being a smart marketing move. The cover featured Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, otherwise known as “Suspect No. 2” from the horrific bombing of this year’s Boston Marathon. The tagline under his photo reads, “The Bomber. How a popular, promising student was failed […]